Terms of use

Article 1. Definitions

In these general terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:

a. The term ‘General Terms and Conditions is understood to mean all the provisions as included below;
b. COMBEKK Homeware: the legal entity BEKK Homeware BV placeholder registered with the COC under the registration number: 61952389;
c. Client: the natural person or legal entity who has concluded an Agreement with COMBEKK for the delivery of a Production, as defined below;
d. Contractor: COMBEKK, who performs the assignment for a Production as referred to under f. and has accepted or issued an offer prior to such assignment;
e. Agreement: the written and duly signed contract concluded between the Client and Contractor;
f. Production: the creation, development, and production of works of art and related services by the Contractor as specified in the Agreement.

Article 2. Applicability

  1. These general terms and conditions apply to all offers, quotations, agreements and production work between the Contractor and the Client.
  2. General terms and conditions of the Client, or of third parties, never apply to offers, quotations, agreements and Production work with the Contractor, unless explicitly agreed in writing that the general terms and conditions of the Client or third party will apply.
  3. If it should appear that any article of these general terms and conditions or parts thereof are invalid, that does not affect the legality of the other articles or parts thereof.

Article 3. Offers and quotations

  1. Quotations, offers, recommendations, and any announcements made by the Contractor are without obligation unless the Contractor has stated in writing that these actions are not without obligation.
  2. The designs, formats, content descriptions, script summaries, 3D models and other art work, and, if applicable, technical specifications forming part of a quotation, offer, advice, quotation, budget, or pre-calculation have the nature of a proposal, showing an indication of the Production being discussed.
  3. The mere issuance of a quotation, budget, estimate or similar notification, whether or not indicated with a quotation, does not oblige the Contractor to conclude an Agreement with the Client.
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