Watermelon Summer Salad

The perfect refreshment for hot days, as a snack or side dish!

Watermelon Summer Salad







Half a watermelon

1 Cucumber

1 block of feta cheese

1 red onion

1 lime

A small bowl of black or green olives

Bunch of mint

3 spoons of olive oil

Salt and pepper


This salad is easy to make. Cut the watermelon and put it in a Double Handle Black or another bowl. Cut the cucumber and remove the seedlings. Spread the cucumber in de bowl.

Crumble the feta cheese above the bowl. Cut the red onion in half circles and spread with the olives in the bowl. Cut the lime in half and squeeze it above the bowl.

Sprinkle some olive oil in the bowl and grind some salt and pepper above the salad. At last, chop the mint and spread it in the bowl, et voilá!


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