Quick pan pizza

No need for a pizza stone to make the perfect (and quick) cast iron pan pizza.

Quick pan pizza

Comfort food






Pizza dough (2 pizzas)


·      500 gram flour

·      7 gr dried yeast

·      10 gram salt

·      275-300 ml water (little warm isfine!)

·      2 tbsp olive oil

Pizza sauce:

·      Canned chopped tomatoes

·      salt and pepper

·      basil or other herbs you like

·      onion

·      olive oil

·      garlic

To decorate: look in your fridge and find yourself some delicious food.


In this recipe we share our favorite pizza: made with whatever is left in the fridge. So this one is with Jamon Serrano, mozzarella, arugula and Parmezan cheese to top it off.

Pizza dough:

How to make the pizza dough yourself? It’s quite easy. Just make sure you use the right flour we recommend double zero flour. This recipe is for the quick pizza… So we use a little more yeast than usual. Mix all ingredients together with your hands and make a ball. Put it in the fridge for 1 hour. Pre-heat the oven while you're at it (250°C).

Quick tomato sauce:

Chop the onions, garlic and stove for a few minutes in olive oil. Add the canned tomatoes and herbs and let it stove for 10 minutes or so.



Once the pizza dough is ready (after one hour in the fridge), get it out on the table. Make two balls of the dough. Get your skillet or double handle as well and put some olive oil in it. Sprinkle some flour in the pan and put one dough ball in the middle. Use your hands to divide the dough equally in the pan. Take your tomato sauce of the stove. Use a table spoon to divide the sauce, use just enough. Not too much. Put the double handle in the pre-heated oven. Wait 10-15 minutes and enjoy your pizza.


These products are perfect to use for this recipe:


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