Recycled paper cutting board natural 15 x 20

This knife friendly and dishwasher safe cutting board is made out of recycled paper, only 6 mm thin but super durable


-40% Available in February

Available in Januari

Available first week of March


Meet our new cutting boards. Crafted in Holland fromRitchlite material. Friendly for your knives, heat resistant, non porous anddishwasher safe. The ideal cutting board for homes and restaurants


Made in Holland

Made in Holland

As it should be!



Size variants available

Knife friendly

Knife friendly

will not damage your knives

Dishwasher safe

Dishwasher safe

can be washed in the dishwasher without damaging the product

Heat resistant

Heat resistant

Up to 176 degrees Celcius

Non porous

Non porous

Will not absorb liquids


What to cook in your
Sous-Chef Dutch Oven?

Classic stews are of course top dishes to cook in Dutch Ovens. Rendang is a popular Indonesian dish that needs to stew for at least 4 hours. And this recipe by Chef Sidney Schutte is definitely worth the time!

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Quality of Dutch origin

Completely enamelled cast iron products with a functional design of fully recycled material.

A Dutch Oven from The Netherlands

The name “Dutch Oven” refers to an original dutch manufacturing technique in which molten iron is poured into a sand mold. We are very proud that we are the only brand casting our full range in the Netherlands.

Iron never loses its quality

We choose to work with 100% recycled material. With a proper furnace and a balanced mix of materials we manage to deliver the best quality without even having to dig an iron ore.

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Mark Suurbier ― Founder of COMBEKK

Peter Audenaerde ― Co-Founder of COMBEKK