Recycled Leather Apron Black

Made form high quality recycled leather has a comfortable elastic band around the neck and waist. Not only a pleasure to the eye but aso a great asset in your kitchen.


-40% Available in February

Available in Januari

Available first week of March


Say hello to the recycled leather apron. The leather is as smooth as the design. High quality recycled leather with a comfy elastic band around the neck and waist. A please to the eye, but also a comfy asset in your kitchen. This apron makes you a chef right away. Let's cook.


Waist loop

Waist loop

For tools and towels



Waist and neck belt


What to cook in your
Sous-Chef Dutch Oven?

Classic stews are of course top dishes to cook in Dutch Ovens. Rendang is a popular Indonesian dish that needs to stew for at least 4 hours. And this recipe by Chef Sidney Schutte is definitely worth the time!

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“We want to make the world a better place. We just happen to make cookware”

COMBEKK was founded in 2015 by Mark Suurbier. As first brand in the world, we introduced a 100% recycled cast iron Dutch Oven produced in Holland. Born to make an impact and determined to change the cooking world forever by introducing more and more sustainable cookware made of various materials.