Dutch Oven Glove Brown

Handmade in Holland and made from the best quality leather.



Cooking? Good Looking!

These smashing Dutch Oven Gloves are handmade in Holland and made from the best quality leather.
This Dutch Oven Glove will become more attractive with age. All colors come with matching Dutch Oven Potholders and Leather Aprons.


Made in Holland

As it should be!

100% Quality Leather

100% Quality Leather


Size variants available


What do you
cook tonight?

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Quality of Dutch origin

Completely enamelled cast iron products with a functional design of fully recycled material.

A Dutch Oven from The Netherlands

The name “Dutch Oven” refers to an original dutch manufacturing technique in which molten iron is poured into a sand mold. We are very proud that we are the only brand casting our full range in the Netherlands.

Iron never loses its quality

We choose to work with 100% recycled material. With a proper furnace and a balanced mix of materials we manage to deliver the best quality without even having to dig an iron ore.

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Mark Suurbier ― Founder of COMBEKK

Peter Audenaerde ― Co-Founder of COMBEKK