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COMBEKK ALU-W Ceramic Wok pan 28 cm

The COMBEKK Ceramic WOK pan is light weighted made from recycled aluminum. An addition to the same fry pan range. The coating gives this pan the perfect easy to cook with finish. PFAS-free & BPA-free. Suited for every heat source.


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The ideal WOK pan with a professional ceramic coating. The same design as the ALU-Y fry pans. This wok is a perfect addition to the fry pans. With the black design, bold sides and so on this wok is a must have for every kitchen. The COMBEKK Ceramic range is super light weighted, made from recycled aluminum. The professional ceramic coating gives this pan the perfect, sustainable, and easy to cook with finish. The coating is PFAS-free and BPA-free. This wok pan is ideal for orential dishes. Try this pan and you never want anything else. A must have for every cuisine. Due to the bold sides and light weigt, tossing ingredients and serving on a platter is no problem. 28cm is ideal for a family diner. The ALU-W Ceramic wok pans are made of at least 70% recycled aluminum, the handle has a comfortable grip made of 100% recycled bakelite. Due to the strong coating this fry pan is extremely durable. Suitable for every heat source, even induction.


All heating sources

All heating sources

Suited for all heating sources, including induction


What to cook in your
Sous-Chef Dutch Oven?

Classic stews are of course top dishes to cook in Dutch Ovens. Rendang is a popular Indonesian dish that needs to stew for at least 4 hours. And this recipe by Chef Sidney Schutte is definitely worth the time!

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“We want to make the world a better place. We just happen to make cookware”

COMBEKK was founded in 2015 by Mark Suurbier. As first brand in the world, we introduced a 100% recycled cast iron Dutch Oven produced in Holland in 2016. Born to make an impact and determined to change the cooking world forever by introducing more and more sustainable cookware made of various materials and various countries. Since than we've added recycled aluminum, recycled stainless steel, recycled cast iron and recycled paper to our range. High quality, sustainable Dutch design. We're now producing all over the world, including Holland.