Cooking on an energy budget

Saving money is always a good idea. Especially now. We would like to lend a hand with tips that will save you energy but is still tasty.

1. Cooking itself
If you’re cooking on induction, you’re fine. Just keep on going. If you’re cooking with gas, make sure you’re cooking on low or half gas, this saves you a lot of energy.

2. Cover it up
Make sure you’re cooking with the lid on your cooking pot. If you’re boiling, stewing or brewing… Close it. This saves 70% of the heat and therefore you’re more efficient.

Better together

3. The more the merrier
Try to cook for more people or make portions for multiple days, this saves you from cooking with a lot of different pots for one meal or one person.

4. Find the perfect fit
Because if your pan is larger, you must heat all the extra space you don’t need. So, choose a pan that fits the amount of food you want to cook and use a pit that matches the size of your pan.

5. Ice ice baby
Defrost your frozen food in the fridge instead of in the pan. In de pan it costs more energy to defrost your frozen products than if you let the fridge who is already working do the job.

6. Boil it
When the food is cooking, it is smart to turn down the setting on the burner slightly. Your food will continue to boil. Besides that, it is best to use not too much water for boiling food. The more water you use, the more you have to heat.

Bonus Tip: Save your induction plate!
Besides all the energy-saving tips, induction mats are also a great way to save money in the long run. With these mats on your stove, your induction plate is protected against nasty scratches and will therefore live longer.

7. One-pot meals
If you only need one pit, this also saves on the consumption of different pits. And if you need only one pan, you don’t have to heat more pans. The ideal dish and it’s easier and faster. Big fan of one-pot meals here!

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