The Dutch cooking brand COMBEKK previously introduced several recycled cast iron pan lines, now comes with a unique limited edition: ‘De Librije’.
An ultra-strong Dutch Oven, developed in close collaboration with Jonnie Boer.

Article by ELLE Eten on 31 January 2019

 The prison steel is the perfect link with ‘De Librije’ which has been located in the former women’s prison in Zwolle for many years. This limited edition has a lifetime guarantee and stands for quality and durability. An unmissable copy with an accompanying video in which Jonnie plays the leading role.

The Librije

The COMBEKK ‘De Librije’ limited edition; a unique item in several ways. Firstly it was developed together with De Librije chef Jonnie Boer who, with no fewer than 3Michelin stars, has been the best chef in the Netherlands for years. But also the material is special to say the least; each ‘Dutch Oven’ pan is 100% recycled, previous editions consisted of Dutch train rails and bicycles fished out of the canal. This time, they are specially forged with old prison steel as the main ingredient, such as bars and doors.

Finally, each copy of the limited edition (500 pieces) has a unique ‘prison number’ on the bronze layered knob.

A nice link to the old women’s prison in Zwolle, where De Librije has been housed for years. 

Mark Suurbier on the collaboration with the top chef:

We are not only proud of the special collaboration with De Librije, but also of the high quality of the literally ‘ironclad’ prison steel that we have used for this one-off series. To stay in prison terms, all De Librije limited edition buyers, therefore, receive a lifetime guarantee. Guarantee, that is.

Jonnie Boer:

This is the first time we are working with a brand like COMBEKK, we already knew the Dutch Ovens from ‘our own kitchen’ and we cook almost every day with recycled pans. We are fans and I am very proud of my pan.

The COMBEKK ‘De Librije’ limited edition is exclusively available via KLM and ING, partners of COMBEKK Homewaresinds Mark Suurbier won the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds earlier this year. And of course via and


COMBEKK is the only pan brand that produces in the Netherlands. The very first COMBEKK Dutch Oven was launched in 2016. The cooking brand is characterised by pure craftsmanship and was born out of a passion for cooking and the environment. All COMBEKK editions are made from 100% recycled materials. Previously, the Dutch cooking brand introduced editions made from recycled Dutch train rails and bicycles fished out of the Amsterdam canal. The balanced mix of materials and the very best quality make COMBEKK Homeware a must-have for every kitchen prince. Mark Suurbier, the brains behind COMBEKK, will continue to look for special sources of recycled cast iron to develop additional editions.


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