COMBEKK loves chefs and chefs seem to love COMBEKK 😉 We love creating new products together with chefs, improving existing products, or just hanging around in their kitchens. Our favourite table? The Chef’s Table. 

Usually, for the Chef’s Table, there’s no actual table at all, you just dine in the kitchen standing next to the chef. Sometimes you eat straight out of our pans. And we love that. So guess who was invited to the Chef’s Table?

One of the chefs we work with is Freek van Noortwijk. He has beautiful restaurants in Amsterdam together with his partner(s) in crime, these restaurants are named: Restaurant Breda, Klein Breda, Maris Piper and more. He tested our cookware already in his kitchens. And now (the concept was born in Covid-times) it was time for something new: dine in the middle of nature, with food that comes straight from the land.

Freek asked if we wanted to be a part of this culinary experiment of this culinary experience with our durable, high-end, recycled cookware. We didn’t think twice. OF COURSE, we want to be part of this experience.

Herbs, vegetables, and meat that has actually grazed the land. Cooking with nature, with fire, pit cooking… All of it. 

So…. in exchange, we went to this magical place (which is quite secret, you only get to know the address if you book a table) to dine in the middle of nature in a greenhouse. Freek van Noortwijk, Sam (chef) and the team cook all day in pits, on open fire and create the most awesome dishes for us. We started with a glass and a lovely picnic basket for a little snack.

After that, we were asked to sit at our table and the dinner officially started. We have never experienced such great dishes, the best combinations and all coming from the land. Made in our cookware. That’s all we’re saying, for now, just go and experience this for yourself. It’s a gift.

Getting ready for dinner. Using what nature gives you and making 5-star dishes out of it is next-level cooking. And of course… cooking with the right gear always makes the dish 😉

We loved this chef already, but now we fell in love with his concept and this place as well. We learned more about how to prepare food, how to cook with flowers, how to preserve food and prepare goats wrapped in wet cotton cloths that heat buried under a large pile of hot coals.

Sleeping under the stars afterwards and taking a shower while looking at the sky is just a great- great escape.

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