October 2022

How to cook better with stainless steel cookware items?

Turn up the heat 🔥

Get your stainless-steel item on the stove and really turn up the heat. The pan should be pre-heated properly before cooking. It wants to be HOT. You can do the water test to see if it’s hot enough to start cooking.

Our stainless-steel fry pans are suited for every heat source.

Watertest 💧

Drop a bit of water in the pan. If the water crackles and divides, it’s hot enough. If it just dissolves, you need to pre-heat a little longer.


Cook with room temperature foods 🌡

Ready to start cooking? Drop a little (more) oil or butter into the pan. The first times, it might help to have a little more baking liquid in your pan to prevent the pan from sticking. Start cooking and just let the pan do the work. Don’t turn over until the meat, fish or eggs are caramelized.

Pasta vongole always a winner.



October 2022

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