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We put the Dutch back in the Oven!

A Cast iron pan is called a “Dutch Oven” across the globe.

The Dutch invented the technique of casting iron in sand molds to make big pots and pans. These so-called Dutch Ovens were used on open fires and stoves.  COMBEKK is the only brand casting original Dutch Ovens in Holland again. When cooking with COMBEKK cast iron, you are using 100% recycled and sustainable products.

We stamp the main ingredient of the recycled materials on the bottom of each pan. Look at the bottom of your pan and find out what is has been. A train track? Bike frames? Prison bars?  
COMBEKK Dutch Ovens have perfect heat distribution without hot spots thanks to the 6mm thick bottom. They are suitable for al heat sources, including induction and use in the oven and have a strong one layer enamel coating which prevents “chipping” of the enamel.

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Image Sustaiability & Responsibility

Sustainability & Responsibility

Towards a sustainable future

The very first COMBEKK pans tell the story of Dutch railways. The bottom of each COMBEKK Rails Edition pan bears a stamp that refers to it's origin.

Our fully enameled cast iron products are made entirely from recycled materials with a tough and functional design. The special forge and the right mix of materials make COMBEKK pans of the highest quality.

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Quality of Dutch origin

Completely enamelled cast iron products with a functional design of fully recycled material.

A Dutch Oven from The Netherlands

The name “Dutch Oven” refers to an original dutch manufacturing technique in which molten iron is poured into a sand mold. We are very proud that we are the only brand casting our full range in the Netherlands.

Iron never loses its quality

We choose to work with 100% recycled material. With a proper furnace and a balanced mix of materials we manage to deliver the best quality without even having to dig an iron ore.

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Mark Suurbier ― Founder of COMBEKK

Peter Audenaerde ― Co-Founder of COMBEKK